MixLogics 2.0 – An exciting announcement!

During the month of December we shut down the studio, packed it all up and left the cold harsh Winter in Toledo, Ohio and headed west.

I’m happy to report that I’m typing this here in our new studio in sunny Los Angeles, California.

We’re back up and running as of this week, and now reformed here on the West Coast as a strictly post production studio, which should help a lot more get done a lot more quickly.

I’d like to extend apologies to any clients, interested parties, potential new friends, single females from match.com seeking companionship from a mid-20s audio engineer of above average attractiveness, and breast size enlargement pill spammers who may have emailed us in the past month or so and got no reply.

An autoresponder was set to let everyone know the situation, but based on some of the confused client emails I found filling the “info at mixlogics dot com” box upon booting up the new system here this week, I don’t think it actually responded to anyone.

I’ve gone through and replied to most of the emails, but if you sent something in and still haven’t heard back, please let me know!  You can always reach me directly as well at “bill at mixlogics dot com” the main address does get checked more frequently though.

My apologies to anyone who had to look elsewhere for post production assistance during our downtime–I hope you’ll consider us for your next project!

For right now, the process of sending/receiving files and pricing structure remains the same as it was before our move.

Since from this point we’re focusing strictly on post production, our turnaround time for online projects should be significantly shorter than before our move.  I’m even here toiling away on a gorgeous 84 degree day with nary a cloud in the sky–not to mention it’s a national holiday!  Now that’s service =)

Basically, if you’ve considered working with us in the past, this is the best time ever to do so.  Especially before the extra time formerly used for recording is booked by an expanding client list and the 400% more expensive rent drives up prices.  (I guess 84 degrees in January does come with a cost…)

Don’t worry though, our focus from day one has always been to keep mixing and mastering affordable.  Even here in the land of overpriced glitz, we’ll hold on to our Mid West values and mindset.  No plans to upgrade to a Lamborghini any time soon (Although it would be nice to not have to change the timing belt in my 190,000 mile ’98 Cirrus  by myself on the residential street outside my apartment–if you own a garage in SoCal, you may have found your new best friend!)

We plan to incorporate this blog into our main site during the next redesign, so hopefully it’ll be a little easier to find and have more streamlined flow!

Just figured I’d give an update about our exciting changes.  (I’m excited about them at least!)

To those of you who came looking for mixing and mastering tips and couldn’t care less about any of this, my apologies–I’ll post some soon.

To those of you peddling breast enlargement products, keep spamming.  I’m always entertaining offers–after all, this is Hollywood!

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